Stronger Together


This has become a common expression in the last few months during the covid-19 pandemic. It’s an encouraging thought and should encourage us in the adjustments we are making to our lives. But it’s a bit sad to think we did not move to this position on our own just because it is the human thing to do. Multiple companies have amended their advertising to incorporate this gentle nature and to do less “selling” and a lot more “encouraging.”

If any of you are reading this post for the first time, you will gather from my blog page that I love to travel and attend concerts of just about any kind of music. You’ll find here some of the places I’ve recently traveled along with photos of my “miles of memories.”

For those of us who are given to wanderlust, it just must be that sometime, in the future, we can get our maps or set our GPS, pack in the food and travel books, and hit the road again. I’m not sure when that will be a safe thing to do, but I do want you to know…we are in this together. We are STRONGER TOGETHER.

 thMT1KKR8STravel with me on some

New Journeys on Old Roads

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