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May I introduce you to NEW JOURNEYS ON OLD ROADS?  This is a space I’ve selected to leave my thoughts, experiences, dreams, goals, and connect with “like minds” in the blogosphere.

I write because a voice inside compels me to do so.  I have a life-long love of WORDS and a desire to formulate those words into collections of thoughts.  My sole purpose is to give & receive encouragement, hope and positive feelings along life’s road on this journey we call life.

Why should you follow NEW JOURNEYS ON OLD ROADS if I’m just another of the millions of blogs available to you?

Traveling with Van Hess is about people, places and thingsbut more than that it’s about how I look at the people • how I think about places • how I analyze things. 

Would it make a difference for you today if you…

  • reconnect to a relationship or forge a new one
  • recall a place in your mind or envision a new one
  • revive an old dream or discover a new one

The purpose of this blog is to begin a dialogue that will spread among your friends, contacts, and community.  I welcome your feedback.  For details of my guidelines, go to My Rules 

Stay in Touch with Van Hess:  I’m pleased you are visiting New Journeys on Old Roads…and would like you to ask your friends to view this space, follow me on Twitter:  @VanHessTXred or e-mail me:

Another Fact About Van Hess~~ I am a Nana ♥ to two wonderful/beautiful/talented  (and I could go on like most grandmothers do) young adult women.  Both are beginning their life’s journey, and I pray they find what is right for them.

To know more about me, read My Story

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