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Comments are encouraged but I reserve the right to not post any comment that may be deemed in opposition to the purpose of this site (which is to be inspiring, uplifting, and informative).

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I will seek to give you a blog free from foul language, evident ridiculing of another person’s politics, race, religion or personal preferences.  No hate themes and no words that might belittle and hurt people.

  • Quotes & References

Quotations are cited with author information and are not my property.  HOWEVER, any posts, comments, photos or data other than that which is cited from others are my property and should be considered unavailable for your use without permission.  You may inquire via e-mail:

  • Copyright Notice
© Van Hess and New Journeys on Old Roads, 2013 – current date. 
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express 
and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly 
prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear 
credit is given to Van Hess and New Journeys on Old Roads with appropriate 
and specific direction to the original content.

  • Photos (Photos by Van)

Photos posted on this blog are taken from approved use sites on the internet or ownership is indicated; Asking for permission to print is a courtesy I give to others, so I request that of you.  If you want to use pictures, poster shots, or other forms of material indicating “Photos by Van” you may contact me at to request permission.

General disclaimer regarding photos on social media:  
It is never okay to use just any photograph you find online 
without first obtaining permission from the owner of the image, 
even if you do link back to the source. Photographs, whether published
or not, are protected under copyright laws as original works of authorship. 
You must obtain the owner’s permission to reproduce, display, distribute 
copies, etc. and in most cases, attribution (crediting) of the work must be 
provided as well.


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  1. Van Hess says :

    Thank you for the information. Visit me often and discover if you like Traveling with Van Hess – New Journeys on Old Roads.

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