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The Right Road?

Setting your feet on a new path for 2014? Try applying the words above as a test for knowing if it’s the correct one.

I’ve spent too many years looking back, re-thinking my actions, regretting what I did.  Now, I’m focused on seeing the road ahead and building memories on positive reaction to what I choose.  If that’s the goal you have for the coming year, I wish you a year filled with dreams that come true.  But first you must recognize the dream and then believe it is possible, and then just LIVE IT…

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What happens if you ignore a dream? Does it die or wither? Does it wander to another person who may be more ready? I don’t know…but my dream was still waiting for me when I was ready to reach for it.

  • Lucky me!

Dreams may begin to look less and less like we remembered them the further away they drift. Time and advantage can dwindle into just a faded, lost opportunity.

  • Seize it!

I wish for you that all your dandelion dreams are still as attainable as they were years ago when you first designed them.

  • Dream it!

dandelion dried

Before it disappears

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