It happens to all of us sooner or later…more or less frequently. We think we’ll just toss out the map and not even use the GPS directions. “Of course I know the way.” “I can find it in my sleep.” “No, I’m not lost…I’m just not there yet.”

Then it happens! You have to slow down, lower your head, breathe deeply and clear your mind.  Well, isn’t that why I’m lost…because I cleared my mind!

I hear myself whispering to myself:

I could have found the location if they hadn’t built all those houses and stores.

Of course, I know how to get there even if they’ve changed the road.

Yes, it’s a familiar road but when did they build the new highway that goes the wrong direction?

That’s what life is about.

Change. Progress. Update. Different. New.

Why do those things bother me so much?

In this space, I offer you a look at New Journeys on Old Roads.  It’s more to me than that.  It’s the place I throw my thoughts on a blank page.  Come along.  We’ll find it together.  I’m back on track.

“The real voyage of discovery consists in not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust



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One response to “Help! I GOT LOST”

  1. Kathy DeVries says :

    I m so glad you are back. Hope all is going well. Kathy D

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