About Me

I am a Texas redhead!  Every day I am walking my path with God’s help.  Music is my emotional connection within myself and to others–maybe because it takes words and thoughts and puts them in harmony.

I am a book lover/collector and research enthusiast.  After the age of 40, I completed a B.S. in Business/Psychology & Communication and then an MLA in History graduating with honors (in night classes while working full time).

I recently became a part of the joyful group of “retired from work but not life” celebrating that I am finally old enough for something!

Now is my time!  Expanding outside my comfort zone into the techno world should enlarge my audience (and test my patience!)

  • Procrastinating and postponing are exercises that delay our real mission in this life…So here I go—out into the blogosphere.

My jobs (volunteer & paying) provided some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities which included:

  1. Writing for a student newspaper, documentary film & production company, television and radio copy
  2. Working with non-profit fundraising organizations producing celebrity shows, golf tournaments, and various events
  3. Owning my own business
  4. Working in the banking and insurance industries and the educational community.

With a gypsy-like spirit, I’ve traveled the United States, Eastern Europe, and clocked thousands of miles through Texas.  Don’t be surprised if you find my subjects ranging from western swing music to Straus waltzes; from country roads to city skyscrapers; from Here to There…and back again.

I pledge to give you the highest quality of information akin to what my professors, clients, and employers expected from me–positive, verifiable, interesting and clear compositions…and hopefully a few smiles and Aha moments

  • I believe the ultimate aim of the human race is to both give and receive blessings as we connect on this road of life

I’m absolutely excited about waking up today!  I’m grateful to God for His love and grace and for what He has done and will do in my life.

Are you ready for some NEW JOURNEYS ON OLD ROADS?

You are traveling with Van Hess

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